blood(y) website

Today I received my appointment to give blood. Unfortunately, I can’t make the appointment, so I opted to use the website to change it.

It wasn’t immediately obvious if I can use the website to change an existing website, despite the appointment letter suggesting that I can. I used the session searcher instead.

The appointment search process worked well, as did the personal details page, though one of the cardinal sins of web form design was implemented; the ‘place a terms and conditions tick box below the submit button’ sin.

In Luke Wroblewski’s post about web form design, he sets out a number of best practices. The first is that a user should “only need to move in one direction: down”.

Whilst the site confirms to this, it’s always worth making sure that all the mandatory fields and options appear above the form submit button.

With, the T&C tick box is missed the first time if the user hasn’t scrolled to the bottom of the page, and since the field validation is accomplished through the use of a javascript alert dialogue, the user is required to ‘process’ the error and locate it for themselves. could well do with using in-line field validation to make the form filling process more intuitive.